Ikea Pillow Inserts

Ikea Pillow Inserts

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Elevate your home decor with Bryar Wolf's luxurious pillow inserts, meticulously crafted to seamlessly complement IKEA pillow inserts. Our premium pillow inserts are designed with unparalleled quality and comfort in mind, ensuring your IKEA cushion covers shine with added plumpness and support.

Product Details

Each pillow insert is carefully tailored to fit IKEA's popular cushion covers, promising a snug and perfect fit every time. By referencing the article number of your IKEA cushion cover, you can easily update your living space with our inner pillow cushions, bringing a fresh look and feel to any room.

Our pillow inserts come in a variety of sizes to match IKEA's assortment, ensuring a good pillow match for your specific needs. The filling weight is meticulously calculated to provide the right amount of fluffiness and support, enhancing the overall look and feel of your cushions.

Quality and Care

At Bryar Wolf, we understand the importance of durability and ease of care. That's why our pillow inserts are machine washable on a normal cycle with machine wash warm water, making them an ideal choice for busy households. For added convenience, they are also designed to tumble dry, allowing for quick and easy maintenance.

Gift Registry Must-Have

Looking for unique and practical registry gift ideas? Bryar Wolf's pillow inserts make for a thoughtful addition to any gift registry. Whether it's a wedding, housewarming, or any other special occasion, our premium pillow inserts are a luxurious yet practical gift that recipients will appreciate and use.

Checking Availability

We are committed to ensuring our customers have access to our high-quality products. Please check availability for specific sizes and styles directly on our website, where you can also find more information about our luxurious range of products.

Proudly Paired for IKEA of Sweden

Bryar Wolf's dedication to quality and luxury is perfectly matched with the design and practicality of IKEA inner pillow cushion covers. Together, they create a harmonious blend of style and comfort that elevates any interior design scheme.

Experience the difference with Bryar Wolf's luxury pillow inserts—where comfort meets elegance, perfectly suited for IKEA pillow inserts. Update your space today and enjoy the transformative power of a beautifully cushioned cover.

Caring for Your Inner Cushion: A Guide to Longevity and Comfort

Bryar Wolf's inner cushions are not only designed for aesthetic appeal and comfort but also for durability and ease of care. Understanding the importance of maintaining the quality and feel of your luxurious pillow inserts, we offer straightforward advice for their care.

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For a plush, opulent aesthetic, pillow inserts should be 2 inches wider than the cover’s ultimate size. For instance, if you have an 18x18 cushion cover then it needs to go with a 20x20 insert for that full and rich look. Pillow covers must come together with their corresponding inserts in order to complete the desired appearance of luxury and comfortability.

When it comes to the best pillow inserts, a combination of feathers and down in either 50/50 or 30/70 proportions is highly recommended. Pillow inserts filled with these types of materials provide superior comfort than those made from other alternatives.

When searching for the best pillow insert to meet your needs, consider its shape, size, material filling and thread count. Factor in fabric type and weight of the pillow too, all of which are important components that must be taken into account when deciding on an optimal cushion experience.

To get an exact size for a pillow cover, lay it down on any surface and stretch out the side seams straight against a tape measure. Keeping all sides pulled taut will allow for more accurate measurements of the pillow case. This process is essential to ensuring that you know exactly what dimensions your cover has so that you can pick out one best

It is suggested to periodically clean your pillow inserts, approximately every 6 months or as required. Keeping a regular schedule of care for these items will ensure their quality and longevity. Cleanliness is also important for maintaining a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment.

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Every item we produce is a unique, one-of-a-kind authentic work of art curated with love in the heart of Central Oregon.

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By focusing on organic textures and functional yet sublime designs, Bryar Wolf products infuse living spaces with a pure and timeless touch. Bryar Wolf creates unique, authentic, and distinctive handmade throw pillows, pillow covers, accent pillows, throws, blankets, area rugs, and other handcrafted decorative home goods. We cater to design professionals, boutique home goods shops, and of course direct to consumers. Our current favorite fabrics include African Mud Cloth, Chinese Batik, Chinese Wedding Blankets, Japanese Boro, Moroccan Silk, Thai Hmong, and Ivory Coast Baule Ikat.  

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Bryar Wolf was founded in 2015 by the visionary designer and seamstress, Katie Lipson. We remain a woman-owned, managed and operated, textile design brand proudly providing living wages to every member of our Bend, Oregon team. Our creations are inspired by the beauty of nature and ethically sourced from fair trade makers and suppliers around the globe. We understand the importance of sustainability and we are elated to provide carbon-neutral shipping for every item that leaves our building. Locally, we give back to our high desert community by promoting a culture of volunteerism and supporting local nonprofits.